Pursue "Green" Development | Hotwon Won the "Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator" (4A) Rating


On September 15th, "2021 Open Data Center Summit", the annual benchmark event of data center industry, was held in Beijing International Convention Center, and the results of low-carbon rating evaluation of data center were announced on the spot. Chengdu No.1 Cloud Computing Base of Hotwon Group was awarded the "Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator" (4A) rating for its remarkable energy saving and emission reduction effect!

Won the "Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator"

Chengdu No.1 Cloud Computing Base of Hotwon

Modular design was adopted by Chengdu No.1 Cloud Computing Base of Hotwon, in order to sufficiently utilize local water resources to generate electricity, and to use 100% renewable energy for 7*24 hours with carbon free, which is green and environmental friendly. By the means of daily monitoring of carbon emissions, exploration of new carbon reduction technologies, carbon fixation in afforestation soil, etc., the base helped energized "Carbon Neutral Data Center Innovator" (4A) rating in this evaluation! The base was also awarded the “Diamond Five-Star Certification” and “Benchmark Demonstration Project Award” in 2019 China Mobile IDC Rating, and successfully passed the M&O Certification of Uptime Institute.

Hosted by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC), with the theme of "Promoting High-quality Low-carbon, Building Foundation for a Better Life", this year’s Summit provided a main forum, several thematic forums and exhibition areas. More than 100 well-known experts from all sides of the industry had a fierce ideological collision around the hot topics in the industry, and representatives from top Internet companies and hundreds of well-known enterprises at home and abroad gathered together to discuss the high-quality and low-carbon development of data centers.

Low-carbon rating evaluation of data center is jointly carried out by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Open Data Center Committee (ODCC). The evaluation will accelerate the exploration of energy efficiency and emission reduction technologies and the innovation of management modes in data centers, improve the overall energy utilization efficiency of data centers, demonstrate and guide the green and low-carbon development of China's data center industry, and help the data center industry achieve the goal of carbon neutrality better and faster.

As the implementer of the sustainable data eco-system, Hotwon will continue to pursue the "green" development strategy, adhere to the concept of "sustainable" development, explore innovative technologies to achieve technical emission reduction, exert scientific operation, and comprehensively devote to the national "double carbon" goal!