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Hotwon Group

Hands On,Ever On

The implementer of sustainable data ecosystem

New mission: to make business opportunities a realizable delivery; New goal: to build a more stable, greener, smarter and more efficient data ecosystem; New vision: to promote ecology through links, and to make commercial blueprint a reality; New positioning: to be an implementer of sustainable data ecosystem; New enterprise spirit: efficient, outstanding, innovative and far-reaching realization possible; New business philosophy: to become the most trustworthy partner of customers by good action, so as to provide the most solid and stable foundation for the realization of commercial blueprint.

Hotwon is the implementer to build up sustainable data ecosystem.

Instead of talking about ideals, Hotwon takes practically steps on the expectations of customers and industry to be more stable, greener, smarter and more efficient, making it a co-creation partner worthy of customers' trust.

The essence of our existence means “to link”: a data ecosystem that can connect every link in the value chain, with the capabilities of wide coverage, full sharing, complementary advantages and disadvantages and mutual promotion.

Efficient execution is the most significant brand characteristic and ability that distinguishes us from others. The broad and long-term layout demonstrates our insight and pattern to lead the industry to make progress. When others are still exploring possibilities and weaving dreams, we have already put them into action.

Only the delivery of each share is worth more solid trust, and only through each realization can we create larger dreams.