Work Together for Wonderful Future - 2021 Hotwon Annual Summit


On December 22nd, 2021 Hotwon Annual Summit was held at the Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Cluster Project, Guangzhou. Operators, partners and customers from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou to discuss the new trend of industry development and cooperate for a win-win, intelligent future.

At the beginning of the meeting, Liu Li’ao, President of Hotwon, gave a welcome speech, expressed sincere gratitude to all the guests attending this annual summit, and thanked all the operators, partners and customers for their trust and support to Hotwon. He shared the development and planning of Hotwon in 2021 with the guests present: "This year, the Group ushered in a new stage of development: continuously expanding the business scale, reserving more than 200,000 cabinets for the project, implementing cloud platform with partners, and constantly exploring innovative technologies to help achieving the "double carbon" goal. Hotwon will also continue to work hard to provide high-quality IDC services for more customers!"

Wang Jing, Vice President of Hotwon, emphatically analyzed the unique advantages of Hotwon's IDC from the the perspective of whole life cycle. He also introduced that Hotwon’s self-built cloud computing base adopted many advanced technologies for design and construction, emphasizing that Hotwon has been continuously researching and exploring the low-carbon development path of the IDC and is committed to providing customers with operations and services from the whole life cycle of design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Chen Jing, the Key Account Business Manager of South China Region, told all the guests here about the cooperation mode of Hotwon's current cloud platform with the theme of "Symbiosis, Win-Win and Shared Development - Cloud Business, Cloud Ecology and Cooperation Mode", and showed Hotwon’s forward to working with operators and partners to build more industry cloud platforms, carry out ecological cooperation and provide more customers with neutral, safe and reliable industry cloud platform services.

Jia Haikuo, the ecological partner of Hotwon and Ecological Solution Architect of ByteDance Volcano Engine, gave us a detailed introduction of Volcano Engine. "Volcano Engine is an enterprise-level technical service platform owned by ByteDance, which opens up the growth methods, technical tools and capabilities accumulated during the rapid development of ByteDance to external enterprises, provides a series of products and services such as Cloud, AI and big data technology, and helps enterprises achieve sustained growth in digital upgrading," Jia Haikuo emphasized.

Chen Jianming, General Manager of Operator Industry of Tencent Cloud in Southern Area, explained the main cooperation areas between Tencent Cloud and operators from several aspects, such as the positioning of cooperation between Tencent Cloud and operators and the business of main cooperation track, and showed their forward to expanding new cooperation areas with major operators to jointly achieve win-win cooperation.


At the same time, warm congratulations to Hotwon Guangzhou Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Cluster Project Buildings H and J for successful delivery and successful opening of customers! Operators, partners and customers then visited the project together.

Work together for wonderful future. For the trust, support and encouragement of every operator, partner and customer, Hotwon extends its heartfelt thanks. On the concept of sustainable development, we will continue to work hand in hand for shared development, and look forward to making great achievements in the new year!