Actively Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility - Hotwon's Case was Selected into the International Authoritative Report


During the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Shanghai Smart City Development Research Institute, UNIDO ITPO Shanghai and other institutions and enterprises announced the official launch of the compilation of the development report "Gathering Digital Partners and Bridging the Digital Divide".

Wang Lipeng, Vice President of Hotwon, Attended the Launching Ceremony

Recently, at the 2021 Smart City Expo World Congress (Shanghai), the development research report "Gathering Digital Partners and Bridging the Digital Divide" compiled by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Shanghai ITPO and Shanghai Pudong Smart City Research Institute was officially released!

As the industry-leading cloud computing data center construction operator and the implementer of sustainable data ecosystem, Hotwon Group actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility with the development of business. In recent years, the Group has not only laid out data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other central cities, but also responded to the national policy calls such as "Western Development", "“Calculation of Eastern Data in Western Areas" and "National Integrated Big Data Center Collaborative Innovation System Computing Hub Implementation Plan". Relying on the advantages of IDC resources in China, Ningxia No.1 Cloud Computing Base (advanced factory prefabricated construction mode is adopted in China, and rapid delivery is reproducible and expandable, which can realize all-round monitoring of servers, cabinets, micro-modules and infrastructure), a data center, will be built in the vast central and western regions, and the technological advantages of many head Internet companies will be brought to these places, and efforts will be made to bridge the digital divide between the western region and the southeast developed regions, large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to the outstanding contribution made by Hotwon Group in this field, the cases of Hotwon Ningxia No.1 Cloud Computing Base, Yunnan Unicom Industry Cloud Platform and Liuzhou Industrial Cloud Platform were successfully selected in this report after strict evaluation by experts!

The report deeply analyzes the connotation, characteristics and influence of the digital divide, grasps the development status and trend of the digital divide, and focuses on three dimensions of bridging the regional digital divide, the enterprise digital divide and the individual digital divide. It puts forward four countermeasures: Upgrading the digital infrastructure and improving the network infrastructure; Deepening the application of digital technology and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; Strengthening the cultivation of digital literacy and narrowing the group digital gap; Uniting the forces of all sectors of society and building a digital inclusive society.

At the same time, the report summarizes the advanced experience and excellent cases at home and abroad, provides a global perspective for the investigation and research of the digital divide in China. It summarizes innovative models, promotes the inclusive benefits of digital achievements, helps the development achievements of digital economy to be more widely shared, provides support for solving the problem of unbalanced development, and links all sectors of society to jointly open a new era of digital accessibility.

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