State-owned Assets Report signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hotwon Group to accelerate the digital transformation of state-owned enterprises


"As an important platform for the SASAC to promote the reform of state-owned assets, State-owned Assets Report is the only national economic journal sponsored by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, News Center of SASAC and China Economic Publishing House."

On the morning of September 28th, State-owned Assets Report and Hotwon Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The President (Mr. Mao Zengyu), General Manager (Ms. Li Yuping), General Manager of Operations (Mr. Wang Gaofeng) and Director of External Relations Department (Ms. Lyu Xin) of State-owned Assets Report, as well as the Chief Executive Officer (Mr. Deng Zhixiang), Vice President (Mr. Wang Lipeng) and Senior Manager of Marketing Department (Ms. Zhan Liang)  attended the conference, and both parties had in-depth exchanges on further strengthening cooperation and jointly helping digital transformation of state-owned enterprises.

Ms. Li Yuping, General Manager of State-owned Assets Report, and Mr. Wang Lipeng, Vice President of Hotwon signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

At the meeting, Mr. Mao Zengyu said that the State-owned Assets Report focused on the analysis of policies and systems, paid attention to the governance of companies and enterprises, promoted the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, interpreted and reported the behaviors and decisions of internationally renowned companies and financial groups including central enterprises from the perspective of globalization. What’s more, State-owned Assets Report was willing to support the growth of outstanding private enterprises like Hotwon, and provide assistance for the cooperation between Hotwon and state-owned central enterprises.

Mr. Mao Zengyu (second from left)

Mr. Deng Zhixiang said that Hotwon Group, as the leading enterprise in IDC field, focused on providing high-quality IT infrastructure, network communication, cloud computing application services and one-stop multi-regional resource services for government and enterprise customers, and was very much looking forward to working together with the State-owned Assets Report to jointly contribute to the digital transformation of state-owned central enterprises.

Mr. Deng Zhixiang (middle)

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Strengthening the cooperation between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in the field of new infrastructure is an objective requirement to promote the digital transformation of state-owned central enterprises under the condition of socialist market economy, and an inevitable requirement to promote the informationization upgrade of the whole society to achieve high-quality development. After signing the strategic agreement, the two parties will carry out all-round cooperation in multi-fields, further promote innovative cooperation modes between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, base on innovative advantages, build a green development engine, smooth information docking channels, and promote the in-depth development of new national infrastructure construction.