Surveying - Cloud Computing Base Cluster of Hotwon in Nanxianggu, Guangzhou


Surveying - Phase III

Recently, the expert group of the China Data Center Expert Technical Group (CDCC) came to the third surveying and investigating site, the Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Base Cluster of Hotwon located in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou.

Cloud Computing Base Cluster of Hotwon in Nanxianggu, Guangzhou

Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Base Cluster is located in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou, with covered area of 400,000 square meters, great advantages of scalability and 30,000 planned cabinets. It is a hub-level Internet data center cluster for the next generation of high-end information technology applications such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing industry, Internet of Things data services, etc. (The Phase I project includes the construction of four buildings, which are still under construction and will be delivered in batches. The covered area of Buildings H, J and G are all 43,000 square meters with 6 floors while that of Building K is 74,000 square meters with 7 floors.)

Aerial View of Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Cluster Phase I Project

The expert group mainly visited the computer room building namely Building J, which were under construction. According to the staffs, the cloud computing base cluster is customized for a leading Internet enterprise. The two modules are J1 and J2, respectively, and the commercial capacitance of 4×10000kVA is introduced for them respectively. The quantity of J1 module rack is 1686, and that of J2 module rack is 1686, and the average power of single rack is 8kW/rack.

Plan Graph of Planning Layout of J1 and J2 Modules

For the computer room building of Building J, the height of the first floor is 7m while that of the second to sixth floors is 6.2m, and the net height under the inner beam of the computer room module is 5.2m. On the spot, a large area of louvers is set up between the HAVC room and the IT room, and the diffuse air supply mode is adopted. Heat channel closed is adopted for machine room interior base while traditional elevated floor is not installed, and the ceiling air return mode is also adopted.

The main capacity of single diesel generator is 2200kW, which adopts “11+1” configuration and is equipped with outdoor oil storage tank whose total capacity is 100m3. 380V frequency inverter water-cooled centrifugal chiller of 1300RT is installed in refrigeration station, with “4+1” configuration and overall refrigerating capacity of 18288kW. The air-conditioning water system adopts secondary pump, the roof is equipped with counter-current cooling tower, and the cooling water replenishment capacity is reserved for 12 hours.

Roof Cooling Tower

CDCC Expert Group Photo

At present, Building J is nearing completion, and it is reported that it has only been about 3 months since the construction of Building J started which means a short delivery cycle.

The CDCC expert group expressed wishes for the early delivery of Nanxianggu Cloud Computing Base Cluster project, hoping it will become an industry benchmark project with high quality, safe operation and obvious benefits in the industry, and promote the high-quality development of the digital economy in South China.