Hotwon Group was selected into the list of "2020 China Unicorn Company 2020" .


Recently, Great Wall Strategic Consulting, a new economic think tank, released the "China Unicorn EnterpriseCompany Research Report 2021" and "China Unicorn Enterprises in 2020China Unicorn Company 2020" list at the conference of China's high-growth enterprises. HOTWONHotwon Group was successfully selected into the "China Unicorn Enterprises in 2020" that list with its high growth and high valuation.

As a typical representative of the new economy (new technologies, new industries, new business forms and new models), unicorn enterprises have important characteristics such as explosive growth and disruptive innovation. It is reported that the Chinese unicorn enterprises listed this time are all enterprises that have been established for not more than 10 years, have obtained private investment and have not yet been listed, and have a valuation of more than (including) USD 1 billion US dollars. Those with a valuation of more than (including) USD 10 billion US dollars are called super unicorn enterprises. In 2020, HOTWONHotwon Group successfully completed equity financing with a total amount of US$USD 300 million, which was recognized and affirmed by well-known investment institutions DCP, CPE and China-United Arab Emirates Joint Investment Fund, and the group's valuation was greatly increased.


As the sustainable data ecosystem achiever and a rapidly rising Internet infrastructure provider, HOTWONHotwon Group has been deeply involved in IDC industry for nearly six years, focusing on providing high-quality IT infrastructure, network communication, cloud computing application services and one-stop multi-regional resource services for government and enterprise customers, and helping them to promote the construction of projects and platforms such as big data, cloud applications, informationization, government affairs and industry clouds. With the "professional, safe and effective" service, HOTWONHotwon has provided services for many domestic top Internet government enterprises and large enterprises customers, and has become one of the few professional service providers to provide medium and large customized cloud computing bases for top cloud computing companies, which is highly recognized by the industry and customers.

Make innovation, make possibilities realized. As a new member of the list, HOTWONHotwon will continue to explore, expand new roads with new technologies and realize more possibilities!