Focus on "Double Carbon", Explore and Make Innovation | 2021 China Data Center Market Annual Conference


On May 26-27, the 2021 China Data Center Market Annual Conference, sponsored by the Data Center Energy Technology Committee and hosted by the Beijing Lingzhi Information & Telecommunication Energy Saving Technology Research Institute, was held at the Beijing International Convention Center, and Hotwon Group was invited to attend this conference. With the theme of "carbon energy efficiency, emission peak, carbon neutrality", this year's annual conference deeply discussed the current industry situation and characteristics of China's data center, as well as the market scale and structure of China's data center, and made various analysis and predictions on the market development trend of China's data center in the next few years, which was attracting many well-known experts, scholars and industry leaders to attend the conference.

Conference Scene

On the afternoon of May 27th, Mr. Zhu Hongbing, an expert of Data Center Energy Technology Committee and director of operation and maintenance of HOTWONHotwon, delivered the keynote speech "From Good to Excellencet - Data Center Operation and Maintenance 3.0" in the sub-forum of data center intelligent operation and maintenance.

Mr. Zhu Hongbing

"Data center operation and maintenance has developed rapidly in recent years. From operation and maintenance 1.0 (the germination period of data center operation and maintenance) to operation and maintenance 2.0 (the rapid development period of data center operation and maintenance)then to operation and maintenance 3.0 (the maturity period of data center operation and maintenance), we have witnessed the continuous iteration and development of data center operation and maintenance from no strict maintenance basis to specification and standardization. The data center operation and maintenance in the new era is constantly evolving towards digitalization, intelligentization, white box and refinement. " Mr. Zhu Hongbing shared at the conference.

Under the policies of "demand side response of power transaction" and "carbon neutrality" and the results of energy conservation and emission reduction and refined operation of the data center, the data center will get unexpected or excess benefits in the future, which Mr. Zhu Hongbing predicted. Realizing green, high-quality and sustainable development has become an important industry development direction of data center under the "3060" double carbon targets. While considering the effective and economical operation and ensuring the high reliability in the full life cycle, the data center should also ensure the high-quality and sustainable development of the green data center.

Focus on "Double Carbon", Explore and Make Innovation. As the implementer of the sustainable data ecosystem, HOTWONHotwon is committed to exploring advanced power supply and heat dissipation technologies, energy conservation storage equipment and energy conserving servers to reduce energy consumption and make efforts to operate scientifically and effectively. In the future, the Group will continue to build a high energy-efficient data center, aim at "double carbon", promote the development of China's data centers in the greener, lower energy consumption and sustainable direction, and continuously explore, innovate and make practical progress in energy conserving and emission reduction technologies and applications.