Which data center operation and maintenance is better?


What kind of "regular maintenance" do you think is good?

Through regular maintenance, the signs of facility failure can be found in time to prevent the occurrence of failure, and free from unexpected scenarios or mistakes in the process of maintenance change, and at the same time, we will be able to deal with and manage emergencies, so as to quickly restore the availability of the system.

How can we avoid any mistakes?

The preparation before the change is essential. 1. Analyze and evaluate the associated impact of maintenance changes, and know the possible risks in time. The systems or services involved in the associated impact should be identified one by one and reflected in the change record sheet. Visualization of equipment data in operation is particularly important. 2. The tools involved in maintenance, including testing equipment, shall be checked and calibrated in advance to ensure sufficient configuration, so as to be prepared. 3. According to the change time window, complete the communication with customers, suppliers' cooperation personnel and maintenance support personnel of related equipment in advance, so as to ensure that there will be no additional impact on the data business during the implementation of the change, and at the same time inform the relevant units to make emergency plans in advance. 4. For major changes, especially those involving collaboration of multiple units or departments, it is necessary to determine the personnel organization chart, the person in charge of each module, the change implementation tasks, the contact information and support methods of emergency personnel in advance. 5. The maintenance and implementation plans should be reviewed by the internal technical management team, customers and other parties, and the change risk should be comprehensively evaluated from multiple angles and directions to determine the reasonability of the change implementation procedures.

Does this ensure that no unexpected scenarios will occur in the maintenance process?

During the maintenance process, unexpected scenarios may still occur, which requires detailed listing of possible risks or unexpected scenarios in the change plan, formulation of disposal measures or rollback measures when risks or unexpected scenarios occur, full assessment of the impact of risks on business, and coordination of on-site support of equipment suppliers and internal technical experts. If there is an unexpected scene during the maintenance process, and it is not included in the risk items in the change plan, you have to keep calm, and then carry out the next operation after argumentation with internal technical experts, so as to avoid the secondary failure caused by hasty operation. If the business has been affected, it should be based on the principle of business recovery and ensure the personal safety of operators.

With such a complete preparation and on-site support expert team, is it guaranteed that maintenance changes are absolutely successful?

Not only that, the person in charge of maintenance change needs to confirm the completion according to the Maintenance Task List. If the task is not completed, he needs to coordinate relevant personnel to complete it as soon as possible. For the maintenance contents that do not achieve the expected results, they should be rollback or remedied according to the change-rollback measures. After maintenance, it is necessary to summarize the shortcomings and advantages in this implementation process and accumulate effective experience for the next maintenance, which is also one of the effective means to avoid unexpected maintenance scenarios.

A seemingly simple maintenance needs to do so many things. How does Hotwon manage the operation and maintenance management?

We have a complete operation and maintenance management system in Hotwon, which including maintenance change procedures. Let's share Hotwon's operation and maintenance flow management chart, with this in hand, you will have an excellent "regular maintenance"! But, it doesn't mean that everything will be fine even if you have the maintenance flow chart. You must follow every step in strict accordance with the procedures, strictly abide by the flow chart, and never be sloppy!


In conclusion, good "regular maintenance" can only be considered good if it has good process management, and it must be completed according to process management. For IDC, operation and maintenance ensures its normal and effective operation, in which the process management is the most important part of operation and maintenance. Effective operation and maintenance process management can improve the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance failure handling, and enhance the transparency and controllability of failure handling. Hotwon will continue to stick to the work goal of "taking stability, safety and effectiveness as the three basic points, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of all facilities and systems in 7*24h", stick to the flow management of operation and maintenance, realize the flow and visualization of the operation and maintenance process, and improve Hotwon's overall operation and maintenance level!