July 24th Operation and Maintenance Day | Pay tribute to the operators who breaking the waves.


July 24 7*24h

What comes to your mind first when you see 7*24h?

7*24h is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, no weekends, no holidays?

7*24h is 168 hours, 10080 minutes and 604800 seconds?

For the operation and maintenance personnel:

7*24h is standby at anytime, 7*24h is a responsibility and persistence, and 7*24h is an attitude and commitment.

They shoulder the mission of "no downtime, zero failure and data security", and make every effort to ensure the normal, stable and effective operation of IDC in 7*24h!

We advocate July 24th as the annual operation and maintenance day of Hotwon!

This day is not only a holiday for Hotwon operation and maintenance staff, but also a holiday for all operation and maintenance colleagues. For your day and night protection, the continuity of data center business is guaranteed!

Hotwon operation and maintenance personnel wear exclusive medals.

Today, Hotwon operation and maintenance personnel are  hereby promise: fast response, standby at any time, no downtime, zero failure. Hotwon, escort for the data age!

Practice the promise with actions, which is a persistence, but also a love!

I am operation and maintenance personnel, and I am proud.

Today is Hotwon July 24th Operation and Maintenance Day:

Today, you are the protagonist, you are Super Star,

Today, you should display your talent, and breaking the waves,

Today, please promise us not to work silently.

Today, show the industry about your "extraordinary",

Today, please remember that this is your exclusive holiday.

If you ride breaking the waves, I will stand together with you.

We will record your uninterrupted responsible behavior, and it is your round-the-clock persistence that fully ensures the data security of IDC. Every one of you is a "defender" of IDC!

Today is Hotwon July 24th Operation and Maintenance Day, let's pay tribute to every operator who breaking the waves, and wish all operators a happy holiday!