Winning two more awards | Hotwon was invited to attend the 2020 China Data Center Industry Conference (DCIC).


On September 9th, the "2020 China Data Center Industry Conference and IDC Decade Achievement Exhibition (DCIC2020)" hosted by China Association of Communication Enterprises was held in Beijing. With the theme of "5G cloud and data convergence, transformation and cross-border innovation", the conference focused on enterprises and institutions of IDC industries all over the country to discuss new ideas of IDC industry development under the new infrastructure and 5G environment, and summarized the experience of IDC industry development in China.

Conference site

Hotwon, as a professional cloud computing leader, was invited to participate in this conference. China DCIC is an authoritative and extensive public welfare alliance organization of big data industry chain in China and one of the influential IDC industry conferences. During the conference, Mr. Liu Li’ao, president of Hotwon, participated in the industrial dialogue and discussed the industrial development under the background of new infrastructure with well-known IDC enterprises.

Industrial dialogue

In Data Center Innovation and Development Forum, Mr. Huang Huairong, the technical manager of Hotwon self-built center, shared the practical case of Hotwon IDC computer room construction with all the guests, and explained the general situation of Hotwon Guangzhou No.2 cloud computing base and Chengdu No.1 cloud computing base projects in detail.

Mr. Huang Huairong, technical manager of Hotwon self-built center

The conference also launched the 2019-2020 data center award selection activities. Hotwon has won two awards for its outstanding performance in IDC industry: the 2019-2020 Outstanding Innovation Enterprise Award in IDC Industry and the Outstanding IDC Award (Guangzhou No.1 cloud computing base).

1、Outstanding Innovation Enterprise Award in IDC Industry

Hotwon, as an innovator and practitioner of green and energy-saving IDC industry, has won the 2019-2020 Outstanding Innovation Enterprise Award in IDC Industry with its rapid development speed, pragmatic and innovative spirit and good customer service. Hotwon has been adhering to the concept and spirit of "ingenuity, pragmatism and innovation" to provide high-quality IDC services to customers. With professional services, it has provided services to more than 100 domestic top Internet government enterprises and large enterprise customers, and has become a few professional service providers providing medium and large customized cloud computing bases for Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud.

2、Guangzhou No.1 Cloud Computing Base winning the Outstanding IDC Award.

Hotwon has made every effort to build Guangzhou No.1 Cloud Computing Base in strict accordance with the design standard of Class A IDC, and adopted the international first-line brand to realize intelligent real-time monitoring and low-cost management and operation of the computer room, helping customers to achieve greater and better coverage of user groups. Haoyun network ensures the security and reliability of cloud computing base data from two dimensions of technology and operation management.

Later of the conference, Mr. Liu Li’ao, President of Hotwon, also accepted an on-site interview with CCID and CCTIME, and talked deeply with reporters about the development trend of IDC industry and the future strategic development plan for Hotwon in the new infrastructure era. Mr. Liu Li’ao said that IDC, as one of the new infrastructure constructions, has developed rapidly in recent years. With the strong support of policies, we should vigorously develop our own infrastructure, enhance the development potential of enterprises and improve our core competitiveness. "In the future, we will expand the layout of cloud computing bases as weel as the cloud ecology, provide customers with a series of cloud computing products and industry solutions such as laaS, SaaS, big data, cloud disaster recovery and cloud security, and join hands with more partners to create an ecological chain of green IDC to promote the long-term development of China's data industry." Mr. Liu Li’ao  emphasized.

Mr. Liu Li’ao, President of Hotwon, was interviewed by reporters.

With the rapid development of data center industry and the expanding of market scale, China IDC industry circle predicts that the data center market will continue to maintain a growth rate of about 30% in the next three years, and the market scale is expected to reach 348.19 billion yuan in 2022. Hotwon shall conform to the trend of the times, and will remain true to our original aspiration, lead the new trend of IDC industry development and promote the sustained and healthy development of IDC industry!