Brave the wind and the waves to sail together with all efforts | To ensure double eleven, Hotwon is in action


The annual Double Eleven comes again,

As of 24: 00 on November 11th,

The real-time turnover of “Tmall Carnival” reached 498.2 billion!


Behind the spree "purchasing and buying",

It needs to be supported by "strong" business data maintenance,

Hotwon, as a partner of Alibaba,

A variety of measures to ensure 2020 Double Eleven!

This year's Double Eleven would specially launch double peak insurance,

2020.11.1 and 2020.11.11!

Mr. Liu Li’ao, President of Hotwon

And Mr. Zhu Hongbing, General Manager of Operation and Maintenance

Two visits to the data center site to implement the safeguard work:

On October 30, they encouraged the morale of employees,

Led all staff to promise "I am on duty, I guarantee"!

On November 11th, rapid response,

Start full insurance!

All the staff were ready for the Double Eleven.

Operation and maintenance team of Hotwon, customer service team, etc. all prepared for the Double Eleven, and ensured the normal operation of infrastructure, network communication, etc. during the Double Eleven period of Alibaba. During this period, Hotwon Chengdu No.1 cloud computing base made sufficient preparations before the Double Eleven:

Formulate insurance plan and emergency plan, and start insurance work in many aspects;

Carry out capacity management and resource optimization in time to ensure that the peak demand during the Double Eleven period is met;

Common spare products and parts and emergency supplies should be ready, and contact the supplier for on-site support;

On October 10th, all emergency drills were completed and drill reports were issued;

On October 20th, the infrastructure inspection was completed, and the electrical system was inspected twice by full thermal imaging.

Your carnival, "I" ensure smooth and worry-free data

Quick response, smooth and worry-free. Hotwon launched the "1 minute operation and maintenance response, 7*24 hours all-day and multi-directional quick service" and fully ensured the safety and reliability of data center infrastructure during the Double Eleven period through daily systematic operation and maintenance management and practical skills training for employees:

Emergency support team co-ordinates special support and coordinates internal and external resources, and timely handles anomalies and emergencies;

Customer service team, responsible for coordinating internal coordination, ensuring the effective utilization of resources, collecting customer demands and effectively solving customer problems;

Facility emergency repair team, responsible for on-site emergency repair and fault handling of data center infrastructure;

The data monitoring team closely monitors the overall infrastructure of IDC, and timely reports and upgrades any abnormality.

Hotwon made every effort to ensure the stable operation of the data center during the Double Eleven, and helped Alibaba achieve the Double Eleven insurance goal of 2020: 0 P-Level fault, 100% stable operation, 0 confidential disclosure and 0 security accident.

To ensure the Double Eleven, Hotwon is in action at all times

The "Double Eleven" is just one of 365 days. In the ordinary daily work, Hotwon has been working hard and advancing in a down-to-earth manner. As a rapidly rising Internet infrastructure provider, Hotwon has always been adhering to the spirit of "Ingenuity, Pragmatic and Innovation” to forge ahead. It is precisely because of this initial intention and outstanding performance in the industry that Hotwon can help data of 2020 Double Eleven of Alibaba to be smooth and worry-free.

The road ahead is full of ups and downs, and the heavy task lies on our shoulders. We still need to work hard. Braving the wind and waves and sailing together with all efforts, we are still advancing. In the future, Hotwon will continue to protect the data age!

About Hotwon Chengdu No.1 Cloud Computing Base

It is lose to Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Passenger Dedicated Line and Beijing-Kunming Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. It is brand-new building, independent park, and it adopts modular design, high density, safe and reliable monitoring and security system, and strives to build a large-scale A-class cloud computing base with green, energy-saving and high availability for customers with good operation and maintenance services and solid operational capability.